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PVC CurtainPVC Strip Curtain
Colour: Clear, Yellow
Shape: Strip, Roll

PVC strip curtain is a pvc-based material with flexible and semi-transparent physical form. It is very suitable to be used as room partitions, because it helps in maintaining specific room temperatures. PVC curtain is also used to keep dusts and bugs away from indoor manufacturing fascilities.

Its rigid, crack-proof physical properties allow it to be used as doorways in area with high pedestrian/forklift traffic.

We accept orders of Complete PVC Strip Doors, along with the hangers and rails. Simply provide us with the required door size and we'll quote a completed unit price, including installation if required.

Our PVC curtain products are available in various grades and colours. Brighter colours (such as yellow or orange) are used as an anti-insect material, to keep insects away from manufacturing fascilities’ doorways.

General characteristics:

  • Semi-transparent, flexible form

  • Crack-resistant, rigid physical strength

  • Insulate indoor manufacturing fascilites from external environment conditions

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