Engineering Plastics

polycarbonatePC (Polycarbonate)
Colour: Clear
Shape: Sheet, Rod

Polycarbonate (PC) is a translucent material with good dimensional stability, high level of elasticity and outstanding impact strength. It is ideally suited in structural applications that require both strength and transparency, such as in windows and sight glasses.

General characteristics:

  • Transparent/clear

  • Very good impact resistance

  • Maximum operating temperature of 145°C

  • Good dialectric properties

Engineering Plastics
PTFE (Teflon)
HDPE (Polyethylene)
PC (Polycarbonate)
POM (Polyacetal)
PP (Polypropylene)
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
PA6 (Polyamide Nylon)
PU (Polyurethane)
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