Engineering Plastics

pa6 nylonPA6 (Polyamide)
Type: Nylon, Cast Nylon (MC)
Colour: Natural, Yellow, Blue, Black
Shape: Sheet, Rod, Tubing, Hollow

Polyamide (Nylon) is one of the most widely used engineering plastics in applications that require very high level of wear resistance. It has an excellent level of impact strength, tensile strength and chemical resistance. Due to its structural performance, it is oftenly used as a replacement for other materials, such as woods, steel, aluminium, and metals. Common applications include the fabrication of mechanical gears, impact bushings and wheels. Cast nylon is a superior-grade nylon that has an even more outstanding structural strength. Natural coloured nylon is also certified for use in food processing fascilities.

General characteristics:

  • High level of wear resistance

  • Excellent impact and tensile strength

  • Food-safe and chemical-resistant

Engineering Plastics
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